Does seeing a transsexual sex worker make you GAY ?

by TS Robbi Racks



Written by Robbi Racks


What is being gay?

The definition of gay is, first and foremost to be gay is to be happy, keenly alive and exuberant having high spirits. Now wait, if this the definition of “gay” then yes, we’ll make you that. But you’re worried about the other definition ofbeing gay, OK lets see, gay defined as “homosexual“, characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex.

For transsexuals this is an easy one to answer, “NO”, we’ll make you happy, but we do not make you gay. Whether you bump into one, touch us, hold our hand, kiss us or have sex with one, NO.


Sexual orientation

If you have been a straight male all your life and now you have gained an interest in transgendered individuals or transsexual escorts, it doesn’t mean that you are a gay. Sexual orientation is not about right or wrong, it is about what you prefer and what you prefer more. Who knows what lead you to this interest in transsexuals, sometimes it’s just as simple as if it turns you on, it turns you on. The choice to indulge your desire to explore with a TS Escort should only be about enjoyment, pleasure, having fun and living life.

Trust us, many many more men are either curious or into transsexual partners then you know. Many of yours and my fetishes are far more on the norm than we think. The questions of does seeing Transsexual Escorts make you Gay, comes from within yourself, you create it and you worry about it.


How to fix the issue

The cure to this issue will only come when society begins to openly talk about those that are attracted to transgendered individuals as partners, and begins to accept this attraction as nothing more than normal, and oh my golly batman, 100%  of us that live every day as a transgendered person, can not wait for that day to come.