Las Vegas Escort - Robbi Racks

A mature TS with the wisdom earned only from experience. As a premier transsexual escort, I'm Vegas' best bet!



  • Blonde
  • Caucasian
  • Long legs
  • Tall tone body
  • Bit tits
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Heels


  • Respectful
  • Compassionate
  • Attentive
  • Authentic
  • Non-Smoker
  • Educated
  • Real

Long Legs | Bit Tits | Sexy Lingerie | Compassionate | MILF | Attentive | Authentic | Mature | Step Mom | GFE

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Of all the Las Vegas Shemale Escorts TS Robbi Racks is a true Vegas Tgirl and Pure TS Pornstar.  Authenticated by Trans Eros Guide and reviews are verified by The Erotic Review

An Insatiable Grooby Girl and Step Mom to many shemale pornstars, a mature tranny working in Las Vegas as an adult entertainer and companion

Beautiful, bold and business savvy, Robbi has devoted herself to supporting local transsexual nightclubs, adult entertainment businesses and LGBT community projects within the Las Vegas area.

Christian XXX of Pure-TS wrote:

I was doing another foursome with three of my favorite TS girls to work with.  Robbi Racks lives here in Vegas, she is older, but full of energy and sometimes surprises me with her ingenuity and work ethic.  We have done many scenes together for our sites, clip stores, etc.

She and two of her girlfriends ( Sasha Tremayne & Shavonna Star ) decided to produce a DVD together of their sexual exploits.  They called me to perform in all 4 scenes in the movie.

I had a blast, shot 2 scenes each day with an orgy at the end of the second day with all three ladies.  That scene quickly became the most popular scene in my Clips Store by a wide margin


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Las Vegas TS Videos

VTS Video Productions


A few years ago, under the coaching of Christian XXX, I began producing TS porn scenes.  My first full length shemale DVD was Shemale Cougar Club which was released under ChristianXXX's label.  Now with a good amount of help from so many folks, my personal company, VTS Video Productions, has officially released it's own first full length TS Porn, full of chicks with dicks this one got released with the awesome name of "5 Trannies 5 Cocks."  Look for it, I'm sure it will be pooping up all around you.   -Robbi

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