Pornhub Stats – 2017 year in Review

This is Robbi Racks done with 2017 and ready to say good bye to it, but before we do lets take a look at the year in PORNOGRAPHY! Our fav!

One of my favorite porno providers is PORNHUB, so much so that in 2017 I became both a pornstar featured with Pornhub as well as a premier TS model and partner with them.

PORNHUB is huge, as far as porno goes it’s about a huge as it gets. In 2017 Pornhub was host to some 25 billion visitors, thats like an average of 81 million people per day, PER DAY! That number translates to about 50,000 searches per minute and 800 searches per second. DAMN! That is the same number of hamburgers that McDonalds sells every second. So when it comes to tracked statistics I would say Pornhub has the numbers that we all should be watching.

So here they are…..

2017 at Pornhub
– over 4,000,000 new videos were uploaded
– over 800,000 of the videos were AMATEUR videos
– some 120,000,000 viewers posted vote ratings on videos

Searches that Pornhub made special note of

2017 pornhub year in review


#1 Women on Women – Once again, but not as much as a surprise as the #2 most searched porno term in 2017..

#2 Hentai – I’ve always said some of the best sex is best kept in our fantasies and those fantasies are commonly made into a very strange yet erotic cartoon we call Hentai, number 2, surprised?

#3, #4, #5, #6 – And with this you can put Robbi Racks in 4 1/2 of the top 6 most searched terms in Porn during 2017;

MILF – Step Mom – Step Sister – Mom.   Yes, the wisdom and elegance of a mature TS pays off.


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Let’s get to the “Shemales” – Being both Politically Correct and respectful, Pornhub has followed suit and this category can now be found as “Transgender.”

In categories the #1 spot for searches goes to…. Lesbian.  Transgender is still growing and still confuses many porn searchers and viewers.

Transgender world wide is only the 11th most searched category yet in the USA as a searched category, there are 24 other countries that search us more, we dont even make most of the statistic logs top searches, nope, not even as a fetish..   My fellow transgender, shemale, trannies, transsexuals, Tgirls, we MUST get nasty, get back to our roots, it’s time as a category of pornstars and producers to make some porno the viewer are screaming for,  its time for some downright nasty, dirty, in the gutter come-fuck-me , suck my cock Tranny Porn, pro-amateur porn that ONLY we as a GENDER can do!

-Robbi Racks

2017 Pornhub Insights – Transgender

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