Something Has To Change – Prostitution Law in NV

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Something Has To Change – Prostitution Law in NV

Nevada Prostitution

– NV Law 201.358

 November 2, 2017


Nevada Prostitution Law

Nevada prostitution, engaging in prostitution or solicitation for prostitution after testing positive for exposure to human immunodeficiency virus: Penalty; definition.

      1.  A person who:

      (a) Violates NRS 201.354; or

      (b) Works as a prostitute in a licensed house of prostitution,

After testing positive in a test approved by the State Board of Health for exposure to the human immunodeficiency virus and receiving notice of that fact is guilty of a category B felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 2 years and a maximum term of not more than 10 years, or by a fine of not more than $10,000, or by both fine and imprisonment. Anyone who engages in Nevada prostitution, even in a licensed brothel, after being notified that he or she tested positive for HIV (whether as a result of a court-ordered test after arrest or otherwise) may be charged with a felony. (Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 201.358.)

Allow me to traanslate this law to you:

What is being said here is; if your busted in Nevada for accepting money for sex, AND anytime in the past you were told that you tested positive for HIV, your now guilty of a FALONY. A felony with mandatory prison time or pay a major fine of up to 10 grand, OR BOTH!

 Nevada prostitution is easy enough to understand I think. Perhaps even fair?

 Lets look closer;  The Nevada prostitution law was created and is legislated by our government.  Lets look at what the SAME government has to say about HIV.

Sept 27, 2017 the Director of our government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released a historic letter.​

The letter supports the science behind “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable.”  In the letter the government says: people who take their HIV medication (ART) daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner.


But this is the same government that locks working escorts up in prison for at any point being told that they tested positive for HIV? A Felony? Yet the government  says that HIV Undetectable Equals Untransmittable, so they of of no risk of passing HIV.  There is an obvious contradiction here.

Look, I’m not commenting on if doing sex work after you have been informed of testing positive is right or wrong, to which I reserve my own opinions, I’m simply saying that in this country there is a constitution and the 8th amendment says, in essence, the punishment will be equal to the committed crime.

So again let’s check this out.   You tested positive at one point, you get arrested for a paid sex act, you go to prison PERIOD.   Sent there by the same organization that says if you take your medications regularly you’re of no risk to transmit HIV.


HIV changes ones life, a criminal record changes ones life, prison changes ones life for ever.


We’ll watch and see what law makers do with this new information, but personally I’d say something has to change.

Live and Let Live,

Robbi Racks

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PrEP – HIV risk prevention

PrEP – HIV risk prevention

 October 20, 2017


Did you know that this is a HIV preventative?  

Yes, PrEP.(Pre-exposure prophylaxis)


Is PrEP effective?  

2017 studies show PreP to be upto 97% effective. *IPERGAY  study*


What is PrEP?

PrEP, (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) is an effective HIV prevention medication that protects HIV-negative people from acquiring HIV. PrEP taken regularly, as medically prescribed, is proven to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV by over 90%. *CDC studies* 

PrEP can cause side effects like nausea in some people, but these generally subside over time. No serious side effects have been observed. Heck condoms are said to only be 98% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV.  However, these two HIV preventatives used together give you some serious protection.


What is Undetectable?  Are they just hiding it?

FACT- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, just released this an office report stating that Undetectable equals Untranslatable.

Sept 27, 2017 CDC release: Scientific advances have shown that antiretroviral therapy (ART) preserves the health of people living with HIV. We also have strong evidence of the prevention effectiveness of ART. When ART results in viral suppression, defined as less than 200 copies/ml or undetectable levels, it prevents sexual HIV transmission. Across three different studies, including thousands of couples and many thousand acts of sex without a condom or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), no HIV transmissions to an HIV-negative partner were observed when the HIV-positive.


Get educated! 
This all said, so what STD is of major concern?

Well now that we live in a world of antibiotics it’s overuse has finally caught up with us.  We are now seeing STD’s morphing to the point of being antibiotic resistant.  GONORRHEA, the clap, transmitted via all types of sexual activity, anal, oral, vagina, is now being call Super Gonorrhea.  This year, 2017, the CDC issued a “urgent warning” to all medical doctors to be cautious when and how to prescribe antibiotics to treat Gonorrhea, as this is our last know line of defense.

Chlamydia, the most alarming STD increase in the United States. A record 1.6 million new cases reported in the US in 2016 alone.

Have you heard of HPV? Did you know there is NO treatment for HPV?

HPV is so common that most sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives.

If your sexually active, if you care, and if you want to know more about what I’ve discussed here then, GET EDUCATED!

Soon I’ll blog how and why myself and many others consider Pornstars and the adult industry to be one of the safest places to have both protected and unprotected sex.

-Robbi Racks