How to talk to a Transgender Person


How do I talk to a transgender person?  or Trans Persons

Learn to properly communication with transgender persons from my infographic


How do I communicate with a Transgender Person?  Pushing politically correct to the side, by Robbi Racks.  A infographic that is easy to follow and understand, but as a transgender person, the information you can learn here is very dear to our hearts and person growth.  Speak from the heart. hear from the heart and we’ll all be fine.


How to talk to a Transgender Person

Pushing Politically Correct  to the Side

By TS Robbi Racks


Some transgender statistics:

LGBTQ Population – 2017

Because most people do know know or understand the who, what and why’s of transgender, as with many unknowns, we have a fear.  If not acknowledged this fear often shows up as discrimination, anger and pre-judgement against any group of people, in this case societies fears are against us transgender people.

Due to this many persons that are transgender do not talk to anyone about it nor do they feel safe answering the United States Census questions fully, thus, LGBTQ (Transgender) census reports are more then often, estimated.  The numbers I use in this infographic are presented from reports and my own experience as a transgender female.


What do I call a transgender person?

Remember being a kid and asking for permission?  Then that adrenaline rush when you were told yes?  Having that permission gave you a sense of being, and that is the gift we all give each other when we simply ASK, “how would you like me to address you?” or  “what should I call you?”

Please understand when we ask this seemingly simple question AND we then honor the individuals personal choice, we give that person the gift of being themselves.  This is the number one gift you could ever give any transgender person.

How to address a transgender person respectfully:

The use of pronouns when speaking to the person or speaking of the person.

Masculine words: boy he him his

Feminine words: girl she her hers

Gender Neutral words: they them their theirs



What is the most common trans-related verbal communication mistake we hear?

Answer:  pronouns – The use of these words; he, his, him, guy, dude.

Even after a person has accepted and supports my gender transition, as well as some of my closer friends, they will continue to use masculine pronouns when speaking of myself or other trans persons.

Whats the difference between transgender- transsexual-and shemale?

Many transgender people find a whole list of words degrading or to be an insult to them personally.  One such word is”SHEMALE.”

Shemale = bad                                                          Transgender = good

Transsexual = bad                                                                Trans = politically correct

“Shemale” is believed to be used to describe a transgender porno actress, this too can be said about how many feel the about the word transsexual.

More acceptable, currently, with us trans-folks is transgender and even more acceptable is the politically correct term, Trans.

Personally, part of my self discovery was from seeing photos of M2F transsexuals on the internet.  On the internet these beautiful girls were called shemales, and a identity I felt I identified with.   So  after waited a long time to be where I am and now, I’m damn proud to be a Transgender Shemale Transsexual  adult porn Trans actress!

The world will be a much better place when we stop  listening to just the vibrations carried in our breaths that we call words, and we actually hear each others hearts and the intention of what the person is truly trying to say.  You have to understand that in communication, accidents happen.

For me I live by the simple code, I will always treat others as I would like to be treated by them.



What does F2M mean?

Answer: a female to male transgender person.

What does M2F mean?

Answer: a male to female transgender person.

The solution to how to address a transgender person is this, Just Ask Us.   Yes, it’s really that easy.




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If you gained some new transgender communication skill or understanding, please comment or feel free to share this infographic on your own website.   – Robbi Racks TS

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