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Get wild with me, Robbi Racks, and my loyal Tgirl Mother and kinky TS play partner, Shavonna Starr.

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TS Sasha

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Shavonna & Robbi Racks


Old School Las Vegas lives on.  Straight from Tranny Shack San Francisco, Tgirl Shavonna Starr brought glamour and glitz with her when she relocated to Vegas.  A long time transgender friend and my loyal big sister, TS Shavonna still impresses me daily.  A session with the two of us tgirls together is one wild kinky ride.  We both agree, share and share alike.

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Lora Hoffman - Las Vegas


Ts Franchezka was her stage name when she starred in many adult TS videos.  From then the girl next door to the now mature cougar on the block, a true MILF, Lora Hoffaman is one gorgeous transsexual.  I’ve admired her for quite some time.  Now we’ve created a extra close friendship and would love to have you join us, together we both love modeling, lingerie, fine dinning, going out on the town and oh yes, playful encounters with plenty of ……

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Transportation in Las Vegas - Taxi - Lyft - Uber -

What's your best bet?   -   A tip from Robbi Racks

Las Vegas offers an abundance of transportation services.  The local taxi companies  were able to keep them away from Vegas for a while but now Las Vegas has transportation giants Uber and Lyft, and their taking this city by storm and us locals welcome them here. The city taxi's seem to stay close to the Las Vegas strip and are used more for hotel to hotel or hotel to the airport travel.  Us locals love Uber and Lyft both for their fair pricing and also for the ease of availability in every part of the city.  

 That being the case, right here’s a look at the new landscape. the way to hail a ride

1. download the Uber cellular app and sign up. You’ll be asked for an e-mail deal with and contact range. earlier than receiving your first Uber ride, you’ll be required to offer a credit card wide variety. You’ll also want to show on the area provider of your phone.
2. Open the app and hail an Uber driving force. The app sends your vicinity to the motive force.
• • •

1. download the Lyft cell app and sign on. As with Uber, you’ll be requested for an e-mail address and contact variety. users can sign on for Lyft with out supplying a credit card number prematurely, however after an introductory credit score is exhausted, further rides require that preset data.
2. Open the app and hail a Lyft motive force. The app sends your region to the driving force.
• • •

1. name or ebook beforehand.
1. Hail with an app like curb. sure, even taxis are adjusting to the times. some cab corporations in Las Vegas, seeking to better compete with Uber and Lyft, are permitting passengers to hail rides with their very own impartial mobile apps.
2. Wait in a cab line.
fee assessment
• Base fare: $1.50 for UberX and Lyft, $three.50 for taxis.
• in step with mile: $.90 for UberX, $.93 for Lyft, $2.76 for taxis. UberX and Lyft additionally price $zero.15 in line with minute.
• booking rate: $1.70 for UberX and Lyft; none for taxis.
• Airport fee: $2.forty five for UberX and Lyft, $2 for taxis.
• credit score card charge: $three for taxis, none for UberX and Lyft. click on to extend picture
Surge pricing
Whom to contact with complaints approximately experience-shares
Nevada Transportation Authority
telephone: 702-486-3303
internet site:

Taxi fares may appear like greater costly, however they're no longer variable. The same can’t be stated for Uber and Lyft. both trip-hailing businesses rent surge-pricing, multiplying costs relying on demand. If demand is high, your journey will be twice, even triple, the rate listed within the charge assessment above. The groups say they do this to encourage greater Uber and Lyft drivers, who function as contractors and may work on their very own time, to make themselves available for pickups. Uber and Lyft say that additional drivers lessen call for and, consequently, surge pricing.

Uber and Lyft notify all riders issue to the surge, which requires their consent. Riders also can anticipate a notification that surge pricing has ended.
long-hauling and overcharging

Whom to contact with court cases approximately taxis
Nevada Taxicab Authority
cellphone: 702-668-4000

The identical can’t be said for one difficulty that arises while taking a taxi. It’s lengthy-hauling, the exercise of intentionally taking passengers on longer routes so drivers can collect better fares. notwithstanding tries via regulators and cab bosses to crack down, a few renegade drivers nonetheless do it.

There’s additionally a question of price. A country audit this year located that regulators have allowed cabs to rate $forty seven million in immoderate expenses, along with a $3 price for the usage of credit score playing cards and a surcharge on fuel, despite the low rate of gas.
How the Strip accommodated Lyft and Uber when Lyft and Uber started out working once more closing year, they disrupted not simplest the taxi industry, but additionally the long-standing processes Strip casinos had for directing traffic at their houses. Strip casinos had taxi lanes, travel areas and thru lanes for passenger motors. however within the months considering Lyft and Uber again to Las Vegas, nearly all Strip homes have created protocols for ride-hailing. here’s how the Strip incorporated journey-hailing with different transportation.
• Strip homes create pickup and drop-off places. most Strip residences unique unique areas for experience-hailing drop-offs and pickups. whilst a few properties permit Lyft and Uber to head without delay to the primary front, others require experience-hailing drivers to fulfill passengers by signs close to valets or in their garages.
• trip-hailing agencies deliver the data to their drivers. The ride-hailing agencies published pickup and drop-off maps for their drivers on websites. Their apps also direct drivers to the targeted pickup and drop-off locations.
• Passengers are directed to pickup places, thru the cellular app. while passengers request to be picked up at a Strip on line casino, the Lyft or Uber cell packages direct passengers to in which at the property their drivers will arrive.
looking forward: should Uber and Lyft be pushed out once more?

Going up in opposition to a powerful taxi enterprise and regulators, journey-hailing businesses needed to flex their muscular tissues to make it into Las Vegas. After being driven out on the end of 2014, Uber and Lyft deployed lobbyists to persuade legislators, transportation regulators and Clark County commissioners to let them come again. For the maximum component, the ones battles have fizzled out. but now not entirely. Uber and Lyft nevertheless are engaged in litigation with the town of Las Vegas over levying a $one hundred annual rate consistent with energetic driver. Uber and Lyft additionally face threats on the country wide degree. over the past 12 months, each agencies have had to address several lawsuits concerning their enterprise practices and treatment of drivers.
And though neighborhood battles have died down, Uber and Lyft suspended operations in Austin, Texas, recently after voters rejected a poll degree, effectively requiring the agencies to fingerprint drivers. The corporations took comparable action whilst San Antonio selected to require fingerprinting however got here again whilst the town made it voluntary.

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