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I am TS Robbi Racks, a mature tranny,  a shemale pornstar, and an ultra vixen with wisdom earned from experience. As a premier shemale escort, I’m Vegas’ best bet!

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Shemale Pornstar – TS Escort –, is a page packed full of my personal information.  I’ve been called a shemale pornstar, a tranny, a transexual, a tranny, a transgender, a sissy, a crossdresser, a transvestite, a bitch, a slut, a boy, a girl, a tgirl, a bad driver, a fox, a knock out and several other nick names, however lets put that all aside.  I invite you to learn a little more about me, who I am, what I support, who I help and where I’ve been.   Welcome to my website, thank you for stopping by and if you’re ready, Meet Robbi Racks.

Shemale Pornstar - TS Escort

Photo: Transformation Magazine #98, TS Robbi Racks, featured in the annual swim suit addition.

  • Blonde
  • Caucasian
  • Long legs
  • Tall tone body
  • Bit tits
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Thigh highs
  • Heels


  • Mature
  • Respectful
  • Compassionate
  • Attentive
  • Authentic
  • Non-Smoker
  • Educated
  • Real

Long Legs | Bit Tits | Sexy Lingerie | Compassionate | MILF | Attentive | Authentic | Mature | Step Mom | GFE | Shemale Pornstar

Shemale Pornstar Escort| TS Robbi Racks | Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shemale Pornstar Escorts are abundant however TS Robbi Racks is a local Vegas Tgirl and Pure TS Pornstar.  Authenticated by Trans Eros Guide and my reviews are verified by The Erotic Review.


Groobygirl Model TS Robbi Racks

An Insatiable Grooby Girl and Step Mom to many shemale pornstars, I just a mature tranny working in Las Vegas as an adult entertainer, film producer and companion.


Helping the community

Beautiful, bold and business savvy, I have chosen to devote a large portion of my time to supporting local trans nightclubs, adult entertainment businesses and many LGBT community projects within Las Vegas. Now officially licenses as a NV non-profit, Transgender SOS, is my newest community service program.  The goal of Transgender SOS is to help abused and neglected working transgender individuals by providing temporary emergency shelter.  


If you’d like to help Transgender SOS, please donate via Paypal here.
Co-Star and friend

Christian XXX of Pure-TS describes Robbi


ChristianXXX:  I was doing another foursome with three of my favorite TS girls to work with.  TS Robbi Racks lives here in Vegas, she is older, but full of energy and sometimes surprises me with her ingenuity and work ethic.  We have done many scenes together for our sites, clip stores, etc.

TS Robbi Racks and two of her girlfriends, Sasha Tremayne & and Shavonna Star  decided to produce a DVD together of their sexual exploits.  They called me to perform in all 4 scenes in the movie.

I had a blast, shot 2 scenes each day with an orgy at the end of the second day with all three ladies.  That scene quickly became the most popular scene in my Clips Store by a wide margin

Christian’s premier shemale website is Pure-TS


Robbi-Racks-VTS-Video-Productions- banner

VTS Video Productions

A few years ago, under the coaching of Christian XXX, I began producing TS porno scenes.  My first full length shemale DVD was Shemale Cougar Club which was released under ChristianXXX’s label, CX Wow.

Transgender Videos Made in Vegas

Now with the help of many folks,  both transgender persons and trans-friendly, my video content company is in full swing.  

VTS Video Productions, has officially released it’s own first full length TS Video, and it’s full of chicks with dicks.  The release has the awesome name of “5 Trannies 5 Cocks” and it’s on the market now.  Look for it, I’m sure it will be poping up all around you.  

– TS Robbi Racks


As a transgender person living in Las Vegas I have some  past experience with encountering officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.  These dealings left negative views on the department. I have been dealt with like a violent criminal, questioned on my motives for filing police reports, even verbally pulled from my car, and questioned by our LVMPD officers in ways so accusatory that it has caused me to now be in fear of them.

Just to say thank you

HOW do I say, face to face, to an LVMPD officer that I see, “Thank you?” Thank you for their individual heroics in putting their lives on the line and dealing with the Las Vegas massacre? How do I do this without the fear that all I will get back from the officer will be questioning to my motives, or worse?  ? This saddens me so much that I still cry about it.


 I’m Robbi Racks, I’m  a shemale pornstar escort, a transgender female, a citizen and I love Las Vegas! 




The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

Sir Robert Peel 1829AD

Tweets by @TSRobbiRacks

Robbi Racks Bio


Name : Robbi Racks

Alias : TS Robbi, Robbie Racks

Shemale Escort in Las Vegas

Hometown :  Las Vegas, Nevada (US)

Date of Birth: August 27th 1981

Measurements : 34DD – 27 – 36

Bra/ Cup Size : 34DD

Boobs :  Enhanced

Height :  5’11 (1.80m)

Weight : 150lbs (68kg)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Hazel

Tattoos : Large multi-coloured flames design which covers her left upper arm, a large panther design across her right upper arm, a black chain band that travels around her left bicep and a matching black chain band that travels around her right bicep, a black thorn band around her left calf, a black animal design around her right calf, a black and red skull design on her upper right thigh and a pilot’s style insignia across her pelvis

Piercings : Navel

Years Active : 2014 – present

Number of Movies : 30+

Introducing blonde bombshell Robbi Racks! Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Robbi Racks is a multi-talented adult film performer who was instrumental in founding the trans-friendly pornographic production company VegasTrannySex Productions. Beautiful, bold and business savvy, Robbi has devoted herself to supporting local transsexual nightclubs, adult entertainment businesses and LGBT community projects within the Las Vegas area. As Robbi herself often states; she’s doing her best to keep the sin in Sin City!

Robbi Racks : Adult Film Career

Since 2014 Robbi has filmed a variety of sex scenes for,, and Some of Robbi’s raunchiest online sex scenes include; TS Robbi Racks Gets It Good (2014), Tranny Gets It Deep (2014), TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge (2014), Women Who Get Ass Fucked 5 (2015) Amateur MILF TS Bareback Orgy Erupts (2015), Mature TS Robbi Racks Gets Barebacked by the Handyman (2015), MILF TS Slumber Party Leads to Bareback Anal Threesome (2015), Shemale MILF Babes Get Fucked Together (2015) and Dueling Creampies (2016) for

Robbi has also collaborated with male porn star Christian XXX within a wealth of raunchy online sex scenes for Fans of Robbi Racks should check out the popular titles; Wild Orgy As Three Transsexuals Get Fucked(2015) which also starred Robbi’s friends and fellow TS stars Tyra Scott and Holly Parker, Christian Gets Over on 2 Hot TS Girls (2016) which paired Robbi with Holly Parker once again, Amazon Trannies (2016), Shemale Threesomes 2 (2016) and Busty MILF Babes Share A Big Dick (2016) with Jenna Ranee.

After featuring within multiple online sex scenes for various trans-friendly websites, Robbi was presented with her very own official solo website via the Grooby Network in July 2015. Thrilled at the opportunity to create her own content, manage her own website and interact with her fans across an updated multimedia platform, Robbi enthused within a Grooby Network press release how;

“I’m so excited to announce the opening of my new solo website…I have partnered with the and we have created a smoking hot Grooby Girl site that invites you to follow me more closely than ever before. I invite you to come check it out let me know what you think”.

When she isn’t filming online sex scenes for her official solo website, or, Robbi Racks has been collaborating within multiple DVD feature releases for CX WOW Productions such as Tranny Starlets in 2014, Submissive SheMale Sluts, Shemale Threesomes, Robbi Racks Slutty, SheMale, Shemale Cougar Club and Tranny Handies 2 in 2015 and Tranny Handlers 2 in 2016.

Starring within these popular DVD titles has enabled Robbi to perform with some of the adult entertainment industry’s most popular transsexual performers including Joanna JetSienna GraceKorra DelrioMia MaffiaKylie MariaDelia DelionsHolly Parker and Tyra Scott amongst others.

Robbi’s captivating personality and seductive charm have also earned her multiple adult film award nominations including;

  • 2012: Transsexual Porn Stars Awards nominee – “Las Vegas’ Best Oral Skills by a Shemale”

  • 2013: Transsexual Porn Stars Awards nominee – “Las Vegas’ Best Oral Skills by a Shemale”

  • 2014: Transsexual Porn Stars Awards nominee – “Las Vegas’ Best Oral Skills by a Shemale”

  • 2015: Crowd’s Choice Awards nominee — “Best TS Porn Star Breasts”

  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee — “Favourite Transsexual Performer (Fan Award)”

  • 2016: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee — “Grooby Girl Model of the Year”

  • 2016: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee — “Best New Face”

  • 2016: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee — “Best Solo Website”

Robbi Racks : Founder of VegasTrannySex Productions & Transgender Spokesperson

Throughout her adult film career Robbi has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. Robbi has always been an ardent Sin City girl and has stated via her official blog site that;

“Las Vegas, the city I love living in. This city makes the perfect setting for my transition.  Now equipped with a tall slender body, tan skin and impressive Double D tits I find myself to be one of Sin Cities most wanted sextoys”.

Consequently, it was only inevitable that Robbi would found her very own production company titled VegasTrannySex Productions! As well as managing this brand new production company, Robbi also featured within many of their raunchy TS titles including; 

CockPit LV (2014), 

Shemale Cougar Club (2015), 

5 Trannys 5 Cocks (2016) and 

Let’s Flip A Coin (2016).

Robbi also continues to host and sponsor numerous nightclub fundraising events under her VegasTrannySex Productions label. Among these erotic extravaganzas include the June 2016 “A Star Is Born Transsexual Party” which was held at the luxurious Las Vegas Lounge. Grooby Productions promoted this upcoming transsexual party within a June 2016 press release, explaining how;

“Grooby Girl Robbi Racks is hosting the next Transsexual Party at the world famous Las Vegas Lounge.  This event is the third event in a series of fund raising parties hosted by Las Vegas  local  TS Pornstars at the only transsexual bar in town, the Las Vegas Lounge…

The LVL recently changed ownership, management and has been remolded.  For the past few years the LVL has suffered and the trans girls that try to support the bar have had little positive influence and their efforts went thankless.  Since the new changes have occurred at the LVL several TS Pornstars, including Michelle Austin, Tyra Scott and Robbi Racks, have been stepping up to show their support for both the new owners and to help the trans girls known to frequent the club showing a sense of support and hope.  Support has been shown through legal assistance, a fully funded name change and gender marker program, health benefits and STD testing”.

In addition to fundraising for local transsexual nightclubs, Robbi has also used her industry influence to sponsor the “Best Internet Personality” award at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards ceremony. A February 2016 AVN press releasecovering the upcoming Transgender Erotica Awards ceremony in March 2016 reported that Robbi and Steven Grooby decided to sponsor the “Best Internet Personality” award;

“with the intention of awarding it to someone in the industry who uses their social media presence to support the community”.

As Robbi herself explained within this AVN press release;

“In the past year, I’m happy to have been fortunate to have been a Grooby Girl and be able to host a solo website with the Grooby Network…Now I’m able to step up and support the greater transgender community in several ways and that includes being a sponsor of the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA). Locally, in Las Vegas, I work closely on a no charge name and gender marker change program for less fortunate transgender individuals. It is my hope that both of these programs continue for a very long time…

In 2015, I met a gentleman that holds a strong passion in both community service as well as the rights of transgender persons. After several conversations we agreed that the transgender adult entertainment community should acknowledge those individuals, be it transgender talent, filmmakers, producers or staff, that use their good fortune and take from their own personal time to give back to other transgender persons, whether that be through fundraising, volunteering, mentoring or other activities. So this year we’re very happy to sponsor the TEA’s ‘Best Internet Personality’ Award”.

Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director, Kristel Penn, enthused about Robbi’s ongoing projects that support the transsexual community during a Grooby Network press release when she stated;

“I really appreciate Robbi’s desire to sponsor this particular category and suggest we use it to honor not only someone who has a strong social media presence, but a person who also uses that reach to help their community…I think it gives recognition to many in our industry who want to do more than just make porn”.

If you’d like to learn more about Robbi’s latest DVD feature releases and fundraising projects, or if you’d like to arrange a public or private live chat session with the blonde bombshell herself, then all you have to do is visit her official social networking channels today!

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Twitter : @TSRobbiRacks

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